3 Reasons Why Property Is The Best Investment For IT Consultants and IT Engineers

Are you an IT consultant or engineer looking for a career change because your fed up with long, arduous hours, and the high pressure environment of working to someone else’s schedule?

We’ve all heard the same piece of advice a million times…

leave employment or self-employment, and start your own business and invest your money. And that’s all great, but… how?

Yes, there’s a lot of money in property, that’s no secret, but most people haven’t’ figured out the vital systems needed to generate cashflow consistently with minimal risk.

A large percentage of people enter the property market looking for a simple buy-to-let, maybe they delve into HMO’s but there’s a lot of conflicting advice out there from different ‘gurus’ ‘experts’ and online sources.

Well here are some reasons why, out of all the business’ I’ve had over the years, I love property the most…

1-It’s easily scalable.

Once you know which properties to buy, what you need in place in terms of legal requirements, what to avoid and how to run your operation on autopilot, then you can sit back and keep on building!

2-You don’t have to use your own money.

Yes, that’s right, you heard me! There are ways to start out and grow within this industry which don’t require you to fork out your own cash!

3-There’s high-growth opportunities waiting to be tapped

Our business model  at Approved Property Group is based on serviced accommodation. This is long and short-term accommodation solution that is serviced and often rented out via online agents like Airbnb and booking.com.

Think of the number of executives and business people who often stay in locations for a few days at a time and the benefit to them of renting an apartment for the night rather than a stuffy, overpriced hotel!

When I first started in the property game, I came from a marketing background and instantly saw how combining this innovative, new, high-growth area with proven marketing techniques could lead to amazing results and it did!

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