3 Reasons Why Property Is The Best Investment

We’ve all heard the same advice…

…move from employed or self-employed to owning a business and investing your money. It’s smart and it’s correct but there’s always the follow-up question… how?

You see, there’s a lot of money in property, that’s no secret, but most people haven’t’ figured out the systems needed to generate it consistently with minimum risk.

A lot of people enter the property market looking for a simply buy-to-let, maybe they delve into HMO’s but there’s a lot of conflicting advice from different ‘guru’s’ who make more money from their seminars then they do from their ‘property empires.’

Here are some reasons why, out of all the business I’ve had, I love property the most…

  1. It’s easily scalable. Once you know what properties to buy, what to have in place legally, what to avoid and how to run the operation on autopilot you can sit back and keep on building.
  2. You don’t have to use your own money. Yes, you heard me! There are ways to start and grow in this game that don’t require you to fork over your own cash.
  3. There are high-growth opportunities waiting to be tapped- our property business is based on serviced accommodation. This is long and short-term accommodation that is serviced and often rented out via online agents like Airbnb and booking.com. Think of the number of business people who often stay in places for a few days and the benefit to them of renting an apartment for the night rather than a stuffy hotel!

When I first entered the property game I came from the background of running a marketing agency and I saw instantly how combining this new, high-growth area with proven marketing techniques could lead to amazing results and it did!

If you want to learn my unique 8 step system then check out this other post. 

“Don’t wait to buy real estate, but real estate and wait”

– T Harv Ecker.