How Facebook Chatbots Can Improve Your Business’ Online Presence!



Chatbots are a very new and exciting phenomenon in the world of marketing and people from all industries and sectors are now embracing this great new automated marketing technology. INCLUDING US AT APPROVED PROPERTY GROUP! All the hype around chatbots is not without cause! With business’ reporting an 80% or higher open rate and click rates of around 60% how can this not be a great tool for driving traffic and conversions for your business!?


Essentially they are automated computer programs which communicate with your customers and potential leads which do so through Facebook Messenger. The great thing is they are built into a platform that everyone already uses, no need to download additional apps or programs!

What do they do?

Designed for a humanised interaction more like a conversation than a pitch or advert, chat bots ask small bits of information, to allow you to gradually build a better view of your customer and understand your market. Their likes and dislikes and the demographic which your business appeals to.

The fact that they are engaging and interactive makes it a far more memorable and valuable interaction with clients, rather than passive media consumption such as reading or watching.
This is why it is a far better customer experience than email for example, because they are a more frequent interaction with a more engaging format.

Why Facebook?

When Facebook fully back a new marketing tool you know to pay attention!
With Facebook messenger reporting 1.2 BILLION ACTIVE USERS that’s a HUGE audience, so around 50% of everyone who owns a smartphone is using messenger! 😱

At Approved Property Group we’ve been testing and trialling our own chatbot as part of our marketing and using it to broadcast our 12 step SAM (Serviced Accommodation Millionaire) videos, to great results!
So far we have received a…
-96% delivery rate
-83% open rate
-46% click through rate

To experience this for yourself CLICK HERE to take you to our messenger bot to opt in and see what you make of the technology!