The influence of online reviews in running a serviced accommodation business

How reviews can drive traffic to your business…

In the hospitality industry reviews are a key part to the success of any business.

Up to 80% of travellers check reviews before booking a hotel and surveys indicate reading six to eight reviews is about average per person.

Statistically, businesses that engage on review sites perform better.

Upon analysing its own customer review data, TripAdvisor finds that highly engaged businesses receive:

•4 times more page views than those who don’t

•63 percent higher popularity ranking average and higher visibility (visible to approximately 66 percent of travellers and searchers)

•30 to 40 percent more traveler interaction with revenue-driving products

Communicate with your customer base!

Read and respond to your reviews! Address any issues you can that are brought up in any negative reviews; and don’t forget to thank writers of positive reviews. Keeping your website as up to date as possible is also very important, because potential customers frequently turn to reviews to get information they were unable to find on your website.








(A great review example from our Approved Serviced Apartments page)

Encourage interaction.

Encourage people to share their experiences wit you! Whether positive or negative, on Facebook or Twitter, as it’s simple to manage and respond to them there. Don’t delete any negative comments unless they are in any way abusive or profane and address the customer’s concerns carefully and empathetically.

Regularly track and listen to what customers are saying online, across multiple review sites and customer feedback platforms. Take all advise on board as it helps build your business and gives insight into how you are portrayed to your customer base, and what improvements and adjustments can be made.


Websites with reviews perform better. Fact. Of course we all want to cut out OTA’s and agent fee’s because it’s better for profit, and this can be done with reviews, as it keeps customers on your website, rather than having to dig around for customer reviews.

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