Learn How You Can Increase Your Serviced Accommodation Direct Bookings With Online Marketing



Say for example you open a market stall down an alley off Oxford Street, the busiest shopping street in the world. market stall how are you going to get noticed without a sign! The same goes for your website and online presence.  Nowadays you cant just build a website and expect people to come and view it, especially with a crowded market place no matter what your niche. You need to let people know you’re there!

This is why it’s really important to drive traffic to your website using online marketing.


So where do you start with your website?

There are generally 3 main roles in website creation;

  • The Designer – Helps you to create a suitable aesthetic and professional looking website for your customers.
  • The Architect – This is who does the work in back end, like search engine optimisation (SEO) of your site.
  • The Marketeer – This is who makes sure the purpose of the website is tailored to the correct demographic.

Our Approved Serviced Apartments website is designed to increase direct booking and is fully integrated with our property management software and booking engine.

Why do you need one?

  •  As a brochure/shop window

It is important to have a presence in the online marketplace and showcase yourself so people are aware of your brand.

  • For lead generation

Websites are incredibly useful for collecting lead data to build a relationship and ultimately, sell your product.

  • Ecommerce

Selling your products online

  •  Google rankings

It’s important to to optimise your website through google so its easy to find on the search engines

Embedding Videos, specifically from Youtube will push you up the Google rankings, as Youtube is owned by Google

Can you just use the OTA’s?

Yes, but your restricting your customer-base; even when customers find you on OTA’s they’ll often search for your website for a better deal and more importantly your website offers CREDIBILITY FOR YOUR BRAND! what does it look like if you have no web presence?

Also don’t forget the 15% online travel agent’s commission, this can end up costing you a lot of money!

For example at Approved Property Group we recently had a customer go onto Booking.com, who then went to our website and contacted us direct for a booking of £4,200, which saved us more than £600 in OTA commissions!

An ideal blend of sales should be around 50% from the OTA’s and 50% direct traffic to your website.


Lead generation websites

Lead generation provides opportunity to give stuff away, in order to build up your database of contacts.

Think about what service/product you can give to people, as it has to be something of value to build a mailing list and build relationships with potential future customers!

With generating leads testing and trial and error are a big part of this process, to see what works, and what may not work so well.

Podcasts, blogs, webinars are some of the mediums that Approved Property Group use as lead generation tools

Once you have started to build your mailing list you need to begin remarketing back to your leads, using email marketing, engaging online content and offers and deals. Get creative!



To increase your direct bookings and web traffic through social media the use of targeted ads and engaging content are widely underestimated!

On platforms such as Facebook you can attach custom audiences to video posts, which market to a specific audience demographic, to attract the right customer base. This can be a great tool for driving traffic to your website, helping you to increase your direct bookings

Posting regular and engaging content is also as important as connecting with the right audience. People tend to engage better with an interactive post like a picture or video compared to just text, which just doesn’t stand out on someones newsfeed!


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