Optimising Business Systems To Help Run Your Serviced Accommodation Business

Optimising Business Systems To Help Run Your Serviced Accommodation Business

How business systems can increase your productivity and workflow OVERNIGHT!

online business systemsBusiness systems don’t just categorise electronic systems that you need in place, it also has physical procedures and systems which need implementing within your business.

These are some examples of systems we use at Approved Property Group to enhance the customer’s experience with us…

Pre guest check in

When booking, the guest will receive an automated email confirmation, thanking them for their booking. The email includes our contact details and our booking in a process they have to follow when they arrive at our apartments.

Booking in process

When customers check in with us we make sure that we check, and take a copy of their photo ID and double check that their credit card matches the card used for the booking.

Remote check in system

There are multiple methods to remotely check in guests.

You could leave the key in an external key safe by the entrance and when the guest has paid for their rental you can email or text the code.

Additionally, another method is to install a wifi enabled door lock. You can change the code from your computer whenever you want, however at first this can be a pricey investment.

Reliable cleaners

The first and most important system you need in place is a team of reliable, hard working cleaners to maintain your properties. They are the eyes, ears, and backbone of your business. Make sure you equip your property with multiple changes of linen and provide checklists to make sure everything remains in perfect condition for your next guests.

Channel management system

You WILL need this even if you only have one property on your books.  A channel manager makes sure all of your bookings and property details are sent from a central hub. It saves you the task of manually keeping your diaries in sync.

Property management system

A central system that manages your overall properties and links to your channel manager.

It includes a synchronised diary, booking info of guests, stores their details, includes marketing suite (which we don’t use because we have our own system)

At Approved Property Group, we use a separate system to market back to our guests, called Infusionsoft. This is an intuitive system that allows us to have pre and post guest communications and segment our audience. This allows us to market to them using email, postcards, direct mail, text message and even voice messaging.

Merchant payment system

This is another necessity, to be able to take payments over the phone/online.

DO NOT take cash, EVER. Always make sure your guests are willing and able to pay from a card or bank account. This is to avoid any problems this may face. It is also important that your merchant account can pre-authorise a damage deposit from this card as well.

In our FREE 12 step video series, which you can DOWNLOAD HERE we cover business systems in depth, as well as a multitude of other areas of managing your serviced accommodation business.