Looking for a business you can start quickly, scale big and generate a solid ROI (usually in the first 10 months?)

Discover How You Could Set Up A Property Business With a Recurring Cash-Flow 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year Using Our Proven Systems With An investment From As Little As £25-40k


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We (Mike Corbridge and Steve Crohill) have developed an 8 step system that has built us a 75+ property portfolio worth £10.5 million (not always even using our own money as financing.) 

This is a system that we have shared with a select group of partners who have also benefited massively (some generating sales of 53k in just 3 months!)

Welcome to Approved Serviced Apartments, it’s a solid business where we make money for ourselves and business partners, just like you, with other people's property using Booking.com, AirBnB and our own unique bespoke marketing systems. 

Are you the kind of person who…

  • Is dedicated to getting results? 
  • Can take initiative and is willing to work hard? 
  • Wants to escape from a crummy job or difficult situation and build a fantastic new future for yourself and your loved ones? 
  • Leaves excuses at the door?  

If so then this opportunity could transform your financial future.

The lucrative world of Serviced Accommodation

The area we specialise in is Serviced Accommodation. This is where you invest in apartments, some even have luxury amenities like swimming pools, gyms, city-view balconies etc, furnish them and then let them out for short or long term stays. We call our serviced accommodation portfolio our ‘virtual hotel empire’ because we can leverage the growing power of online travel agents like booking.com and airbnb and our unique marketing system to ensure a consistent stream of bookings that keeps the revenue rolling in… even while you sleep (cliched statement but 100% true!) You don’t even have to own the property to benefit. The difference in income between ‘traditional’ buy to let and our cutting-edge Serviced Accommodation model can be as much as 130% more revenue!  

Growth Potential

The fantastic thing about investing in serviced accommodation is that not only is it a much safer, and lucrative investment than many other choices but it’s also currently in the middle of a massive growth spurt.


According to The Apartment Service, there are now about 750,000 Serviced Apartments worldwide – an increase of 80% in just 8 years. In the UK, the sector is set to double in size between now and the end of 2018, making it the fastest growing in hospitality. -Savills


With the rise of the need for serviced accomodation caused and assisted by the growth in online booking agents you get to capitalise on a unique wave of profitability in the property sector. 

Can ANYONE do this?

YES - As long as you have the initial seed investment of £25,000 - £40,000 (depending on where you want to start) and are prepared to work hard then we can coach and mentor you through the 8 step fast-track system that has worked for us and for our clients and we’ll hold your hand every step of the way including selecting the initial properties using our strict criteria and plugging you into our network and getting you bookings through our own online system. 


Sid & Charlotte

What kind of results are possible?

Here are some of the results generated with our system so far…

Case Study 1: In August 2017 we opened up the doors to 15 newly refurbished style apartments in Manchester, 10 minutes walk from the Manchester Arena and City Centre. In the first 5 weeks we took £47,327 of bookings.  

Case Study 2: In January 2018 we opened up 11 new executive apartments in Manchester City Centre, the block also has its own Gym, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and swimming pool on the top floor overlooking the City. In the 1st week we took £21,798.

Case Study 3: Neil and Maria opened their first 3 serviced apartments in September 2017 and in their first month secured £15,893 of bookings. Because we take 50% of the booking fee in advance that’s real money in their bank before a guest stays with them!

Case Study 4: In October 2017 we opened up 14 newly refurbished budget apartments, 1 mile from Old Trafford. This property is being used for Serviced Accommodation and emergency accommodation for families that find themselves homeless. We wanted to give something back to the community and this is a great way of working in collaboration with the local services helping people in distress.


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