Take your business to the next level using APG’s marketing and sales techniques…

Do you want to improve your business’ marketing strategy and refine your online profile?

This blog is going to go through some of the marketing techniques we employ at Approved Property Group, which will hopefully help give you an insight into taking your business to the next level!

Your sales funnel

If you imagine a funnel, your sales and marketing funnel, it starts quite wide and then gradually gets smaller and smaller, so at beginning of your sales funnel your bringing in lots of quality, qualified leads.

A great way of getting leads into your sales funnel is lead generation tools like videos and downloadable reports or Ebooks. This type of content is great for familiarising prospects with you and your business.

Once the leads are in your funnel it is important that you are providing them with great content and value, one of the best strategies is to give away your best content. HOWEVER this is NOT the stage you should be selling! this comes later down the line, once your leads have been warmed and you’ve built up a relationship with them online, for example inviting them to interact with your social media content is a great way of doing this.

the most efficient way to distribute your content to your leads from your funnel is using  a CRM (customer relationship manager). This tool can distribute content to your list through the use of mass email or text marketing. This is an important tool, that is especially key to us at Approved Property Group.

There are loads of options out there for CRM systems, ranging from free all the way up to £100’s a month depending on the functionality that you require and how complex you need it to go.


When it comes to marketing it’s all about follow up. The biggest mistake people make with their list is not following up and being persistent with their content, keep the relationship going – send out content multiple times a week. However it is important that only 1 or 2 in 10 pieces of content are selling your products or services, as people can loose interest quick when you are all sell all the time.

Both online and offline sales techniques are great ways to engage people for example using:

  • Social Media (photo and video content)
  • Text/Email marketing
  • Direct mail

These are all very broad fields but it is important to get creative and be different with your marketing, that’s how you catch someones eye!

The phone call

One of the things we always do with our prospects is follow up with a phone call, once they’ve been warmed with email, text and online content. We find it gets the best results for prospecting for us, as we get to know the person and what they are looking to get out of the business.

Before we get on the phone, we always make sure to ask ourselves what’s the outcome we want from the call?

and there are 3 possible ultimate outcomes…

  • a yes
  • a yes but
  • a no


You need to get to one of these outcomes through quality questioning and quality conversation. Another vital part of this process for us is the face-to-face meeting. We don’t take on partners until we’ve met with them and got to know them and what they want to get out of the business.

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